Unlock Your Hip Flexors Program by Mike Westerdal and Rick Kaselj

Written on:November 13, 2015
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Introduction to Unlock Your Hip Flexors Program Review

Unlock Your Hip Flexors program is developed by Mike Westerdal and Rick Kaselj. Mike Westerdal Unlock Your Hip Flexors book is a fitness manual created for all men and women who want to lose nasty belly fat, get stronger and perform at their best. Unlock Your Hip Flexors is also suitable for you if you are suffering from inexplicable hip, back or joint pain.

Unlock Your Hip Flexors manual gives you a practical and easy to follow method you can use instantaneously to free your hip flexors for more strength, better health and all day energy. It shows how to work through the right sequence of techniques to unlock the tension and tightness in any muscles to properly solve the problem.

Unlock Your Hip FlexorOverview Unlock Your Hip Flexors Program

Unlock Your Hip Flexors is detailed and descriptive, from the anatomy of the hip, causes of such injuries, and a very progressive and well explained exercise and stretching schedule that will assist to re-balance the hip and pelvic region, safely stretch and strengthen the muscle group.

Unlock Your Hip Flexors is an eBook which reveals the hidden survival muscle in your body that is the key to eliminating joint and back pain, anxiety and help you lose fat. In this Unlock Your Hip Flexors program, you will discover how you can burn stubborn fat without pills, diet, and workouts. Unlock Your Hip Flexors is a practical and easy-to-follow program, which helps you to release your hip flexors instantly. So, you can achieve better health, strength and energy.


Mike Westerdal Unlock Your Hip Flexors is a manual enriched with simple tricks which you can adopt to increase your strength and add vitality to your life, all while permanently boosting your energy levels, Immune system, sexual function, strength and athletic performance in as little as 15 minutes.

The Unlock Your Hip Flexors program will help take your athleticism to the next level whether you are a top professional or just starting out. The program is designed to take between 10-15 minutes in total to complete. You can solve your problem perfectly by unlocking tension and tightness in your muscles. This solution can be followed very easily so you can solve your hip flexors problem instantly.

Unlock Your Hip Flexors is a scientifically proven method and it helps when you use the right sequence. As a result, your blood will increase and clean out metabolites and lactic acid. This in turn helps to reduce inflammation and at the same time it rejuvenates and nourishes this area.

Unlock Your Hip Flexors also has things to show the major element in the posture of human body as well as the reason for hips to have peak performance. It also provides you with the idea of the way the survival response of the body can be converted to danger mode.

Unlock Your Hip Flexors program is composed of 10 exercise programs, which are selected very carefully. These exercise programs are very simple and they are designed to be carried out by anyone. The program describes 10 Key Moves, which are highly effective to loosen your hip flexors. This program helps you to bring back your vitality, so you can become energetic, strong and active.

Unlock Your Hip Flexors DVD video contains 10 exercise programs with explanations from Rick. Video content of this program is divided into two. The first part handles coaching instructions, which provides you details of each exercise. The second part contains Follow Alone format; the manual also provides you detailed explanation regarding the exercise movements with pictures.


  • Unlock Your Hip Flexors is a digital product so don’t worry about shipping fees.
  • It depends on what type of hip replacement surgery you had and how you have recovered from the surgery.
  • You need not wait for delivery because you can order and download it very easily.
  • Visuals of exercise and video presentation provide you with enough trust and confidence in the program.
  • Unlock Your Hip Flexors is a completely natural method and it does not have any side effects.
  • This system is also highly effective for reducing ugly body fat, which stubbornly clings to your body. You can learn to release your tight hip flexors on your own.
  • Great advantage can be found if people order the product as soon as possible because they will be able to get two bonuses for free.
  • Unlock Your Hip Flexors reveals to you the 10 Key Moves you need to loosen your hip flexors and unlock the hidden power in your body.
  • Once you read the e-book, applying all its information is easy.
  • Unlock Your Hip Flexors is not expensive and risky like those conventional treatment methods.


  • This product is only being offered as a digital guide, which means you can’t order a physical copy.
  • Unlock Your Hip Flexors program is not a quick fix guide.

Summary of the Unlock Your Hip Flexors Guide

Unlock Your Hip Flexors also provides you with a complete list of possible causes of tight hip flexors and myriad of other factors, which are often the cause of the problem. Instead of the effects, this program shows you the ways to deal with the cause of your flexibility and strength issues.

When you become healthy, you can reduce those expensive trips to your therapists for treating injuries or pain, over and over again. If you can treat the root cause of the problems, you can make your body free from diseases and illnesses, which in turn helps you to reduce treatment bills.

You’ll have a full 60 days to determine if you want to keep the program. If Unlock Your Hip Flexors doesn’t fit within your current fitness or health goals then just ask for a refund and you’ll get it with no hassle. Rick has an amazing customer support too!


Unlock Your Hip Flexor

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