Lex Luger Beats 2016 Unleashed! – 50 Rap Beats for One Low Price!

Written on:November 23, 2015
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Luger Beats Review

If you have listened to Lex luger rap beats on YouTube then you will have an idea how well Lex Luger rap beats sound and I am sure you do know that producer Lex Luger beats is one of the best producer beats you can ever find online and you can easily record your voice on any one of the best Lex Luger beats available for free but with limitations or you could chose to buy Lex Luger beats 50 beats for a few bucks.

This Lex Luger best beats package comes with 50 banging industrial quality beats that are 100% original; you will never hear them anywhere else. You can use these beats for all commercial purposes royalty free.


The Luger beats package is designed for up and coming rappers who are on a budget. If you are one hustling rapper and you’ve been praying for a break, here is one step closer to that break you have always wished for. You could get this luger beats package and just create new jamming hits album, throw in a good internet promotion for your music and you are good to go.

This package comes in two variances, the standard pack and the platinum pack.

Standard Pack

This pack features 50 industry quality beats in MP3 format only. So if you are going for this pack, you should not expect to find anything more than 50 high quality rap beats all in MP3 format.

Platinum Pack

This pack also features 50 industry quality beats in MP3 format but you will also get the tracked out WAV file of each beat. This gives you the chance to edit the beats as you wish and that’s more quality in the mix. Though this pack costs much more than the standard pack, it is well worth the money.

Luger BeatsBenefits of the Luger Beats Deal

  • You get 50 top quality rap beats for half the price of one beat in a standard studio.
  • You spend less time in the studio with the beats all done and ready for instant voicing.
  • You can resell the Luger beats package, you know Lex Luger instrumentals are in high demand these days.
  • You could create a long list of Lex Luger beats Mixtape using the rap and hip-hop beats from this package and make yourself some cool bucks on the run.
  • You know you will hardly find any producer close to you that will give you your choice Lex Luger type beats, so this is an opportunity to have Lex Luger himself make beats for you and not just that, the beats you are getting are soundclick Lex Luger trap beats with hooks that will send your listeners to an uncontrollable high.
  • This is a special package and not like some other Lex Luger beats for sale. This is a special deal from the Lex Luger producer’s website and from the master producer himself.
  • Not one of the 50 beats can be found online or on Lex Luger beats soundclick page, this means that these beats are uniquely made for you alone and you do not have to worry about using someone’s else’ beat line.

Drawbacks of the Luger Beats Opportunity

  • The free Lex Luger beats are completely ruined with the ad voice stamps which make it very audible that it is a free download. You will only get an original ad stamp less Lex Luger beats download mp3 if you purchase the new Luger beats deal by clicking on the link below.
  • If you are completely broke, then you don’t stand a chance of owning these 50 Lex Luger rap beats and I tell you, that’s a huge loss. Just like I pointed out before now, you will hardly find any useful beats from Lex Luger beats free download.


You can actually start your rap music career with Lex Luger beats 2016 premium beats and win the hearts of rap music lovers who are already smitten with much love for Lex Luger beats instrumentals. You do not have to empty your wallet to make a killer hip hop rap beat. For not up to the price of one, this deal offers you 50 top notch Lex Luger beats that are high banging and industrial standard, you will quickly win the love of the hood with your music banging loud in every corner.


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