12 Simple Rules Of Success In Love Review – 12 Simple Rules Tested N Trusted?

Written on:September 17, 2013
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Review of 12 Simple Rules Elena Solomon

There are thousands of guides and manuals on dating rules, but none like Elena Solomon 12 simple rules eBook. Renowned life coach and international bestselling author Elena Solomon brings to you this powerful dating manual with stable and predictable outcomes, the 12 simple rules of success in love eBook. With an apt understanding of the struggles that a lot of people face with love, dating, and relationship, albeit spanning from her struggles with those issues, Elena Solomon’s 12 simple rules guidebook sheds a light on the simplicity of overcoming dating fears, love scares and relationship lows with these simple rules.

The 12 simple rules eBook is a confidence booster, broken down to your convenience into manageable steps: understanding – learning – mastering – using. No words mincing or repetition of old tact and facts, it is a simple and straightforward manual. There are only 12 rules and they are SIMPLE. Keep an open mind, understand, learn, master and use these 12 simple rules and expect grandiose results.

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Basic Facts about Elena Solomon’s 12 Simple Rules of Success in Love

Product Name: 12 Simple Rules of Success in Love

Author’s Name: Elena Solomon

Official Webpage:

Product Link: 12 Simple Rules of Success in Love eBook Download

Bonus: Available

Refund Policy: 60-Days Money Back Guarantee

About The 12 Simple Rules Of Success In Love

What you tend to get when you purchase this 12 simple rules of success in love surpasses just the 12 rules that is stated. With an open mindset you are bound to get so much from this rule book. It is like a handbook on dating and love, with so many secrets that gives you an edge over others and keeps you in the clear for emotional and psychological disasters.

With the 12 simple rules eBook, you will learn how to take charge of your emotions; how to handle stressful situations and also learn how to reframe from rejection without a bruised ego.

Have you always wanted to know what the dating guru’s know; their most endearing secrets? Well, in this eBook you get to know their one single secret and why they always get the right dates.

This 12 simple rules pdf eBook also helps you discover precisely what men and women want in a mate. Knowing what the biggest turn-offs are for both men and women in a relationship, hence enhancing you chances of getting a date both in real time and also with online dating services.

You also get to learn the power of effective communication skills. Refuse to fidget when you’re outside your comfort zone. 12 simple rules eBook shows you how to give your words more power and weight. It gives you a guide on how to build your confidence over time, telling you why having numerous boyfriends/girlfriends in your teens gives you an advantage later in life.

Broaden your insight with the 12 simple rules of success in love; for men get to know more about the one clothing rule you must follow to attract the best dates. For the women, get to know of the one dating factor that is more important than beauty.

In this manual, get to know the five essential steps of getting the relationships you desire. The 12 simple rule book gives you reasons why meeting your soul mate on a dating site is ten times better than meeting someone in real life. Learn the immense power of attraction; the deep secrets of body language and how to use them and become the center of attraction.

Get to know of the incredibly powerful way of making change in your love life and dating life effortless. The 12 simple rules eBook tells you the most important steps to take if you really want to change your life.


This eBook seeks to show you how the only person who can help your seemingly hopeless condition is none other than yourself. 12 simple rules to success in love answer all those pressing questions about dating.

-Have you been out of the dating game for so long and are now wondering how to get back in it? This manual helps you regain some of your lost composure, giving you a few new tricks to take along.

-Wondering what is the cause of your problems with men/women? This eBook gives you precise instruction on how to get that deep desire of yours by opening your eyes to blunt truths that you may have ignored.

-You keep getting dumped by men, and you just can’t figure out why? Get a copy of this dating guide, 12 simple rules to success in love and know where your trouble lies and see ways to put a stop to it.

This book is not all flirt and kisses. Get bonus tips as you purchase 12 simple rules to success in love.

Bonus Tip 1: Road Rage -Get to know the one simple exercise that will cure you from road rage.

Bonus Tip 2: Finance tip – as you improve your personal issue, learn also to improve your personal finances.

Bonus Tip 3: Landing you dream job –the number one secret to landing your dream job.


The internet is packed with books, manual and guides on dating and so much other related issues that you might have tried and have not worked. So it is understandable if you are skeptical. But, with or without skepticism, if you not one with an open mind, then this 12 simple rules of success in love is not an eBook for you. This book is guaranteed not to favor anyone with an egocentric mindset. Follow the 12 simple rules with commitment, and start experiencing drastic changes.

Elena Solomon’s 12 Simple Rules User Feedback

So many have tried this 12 simple rules and it has worked for them not just once but with repeated success. Elena Solomon’s 12 simple rules of success in love eBook, is dubbed one of the best rule book of dating even from some of the most renowned authors in the dating genre. Below are some of their comments. Purchase the 12 simple rules of success in love eBook and you also can share in this great work as well.

In my opinion – I will have to say that yours is by far, hands down one of the BEST resources there is out there on the topic of female seduction, dating & relationships! –Simon Heong, best-selling Author.

12 Simple Rules prevented me from “settling” for less than my real dream. Elena encouraged me TO KEEP MY DREAM ALIVE!
I did. I met the Perfect Woman for me. I am 55 years old. I have been completely bald for many years. I am not just a few pounds overweight, but obese. She is stunningly beautiful, intelligent and funny, and MUCH younger than me. And most importantly, SHE ADORES ME! Try finding a dream woman like this without Elena’s book and you will not succeed. –Michael Mullen, Author.

I read your book in one sitting last evening… and all I can say is WOW!!! Simple, practical ways to create a level of dating self-confidence most of us only dream about. This is going to be my #1 eBook that I will recommend to all my family and friends. –Marina Smiley

Elena Solomon’s “12 Simple Rules” brings to the forefront all the things you should know about yourself and your personal relationships; the things that you know you should use – but don’t; and how to start anew your relationship with yourself, those in your life and those you want in your life. –Robert Lee


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